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Measure What Matters

9 arguments to select Toolpack 365

'I can collapse or expand the reports,

depending on how many details I want.

It is unconditional something that I can recommend to others working in Navision and similar accounting solutions.'

Per Giese, CFO at ICEpower

Time Saved, Time Gained


Our research shows that 75% of companies in Denmark spends more than two weeks’ worth of working hours on data collection and reporting. 

Toolpack 365 automates and visualizes the process, ensuring maximum efficiency and time cost reduction.

Spar tid

Prepared for Any Meeting

Easy access to real-time data allows for a cross-organizational following of the goals and targets of the company. 

Get a quick update on KPI’s via the app during a sales meeting or a detailed overview of the last budget with Toolpack 365. 

Assuring you a consistent and effective preparation for meetings at the department, board or bank, while also having a tool that supports the everyday informal meetings and conversations.

Measure What Matters

Up to Date, Always 


You decide when and how often your data is updated in accordance with your needs.

In practice, this means that even last-minute adjustments from the ERP system can be included in your FP&A insights. Your report, forecast or budget will automatically adjust based on the figures from your ERP system. 

Thus, not only gaining maximum control and avoiding bottlenecks, but also ensuring your figures are up to date, always.

One Shared Database 


With Toolpack 365 all data is gathered into one structured Data Warehouse.

This gives everyone in the company a shared basis for decision-making anywhere, anytime. Whether the central question of discussion is revenue, costs or sales you have ensured that everyone is on the same page and working from the same figures.

Ultimately enabling for a dialogue across departments on one shared database.

'Why do we have different figures?'

Keep Your Excel Spreadsheets


We are technology partners with Microsoft and have more than 15 years of experience with solutions for financial systems.

The CFO and controller alike thus keep their Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Power BI, since our technology naturally cooperates with the tools.

At the same time, our tools are built to integrate innately into ERP systems such as Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Dynamics C5, Dynamics 365 Business Central, XAL, Visma, e-conomic, Reviso, DK and Uniconta.

Not only does this minimize training costs but allows everyone to work in familiar technologies. 

Visual Reporting Tool


The models and tables included in Toolpack 365 allows for a visual aid for operating budget, monthly reporting, cash flow statement, accounting, consolidation, Business Intelligence and contract management.

The standard templates visualize the figures in charts and can be tailored after your needs, providing an intuitive reporting tool for increased collaboration.

1 Implementation Day - At a Fixed Price  


We always offer installation and integration at a fixed price, including configuration, introduction and everything set to go.

We have done it for 15 years and collected experiences from all possible technical setup. 
Thus, ensuring a quick, effective and cost reduced transparent implementation.

Data-driven Decision-making


Through Toolpack 365 you create the foundation for a data-driven organization.

Measure what matters, minimize time-costs and give your employees the best conditions for collaborating and steering effectively in a swiftly moving future.​

For the People in Finance 


The founders and employees at Toolpack Solutions have often worked within the financial sector as CFOs, Controllers or accountants.

This ensures that we share your terminology, understand your needs and have experience with the challenges faced by your organization. 

365 is developed from people in finance to the people in finance which provides a solid base for constructive collaboration.

Get your FP&A presentation on how to 
  automate manual processes.
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