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Budget, Forecast, Financial Reporting

& Business Intelligence automation

Hvad kan Toolpack365

Avoid manual extraction of data for budgeting and reporting

Easy access to Budget & Business Intelligence

Toolpack 365 collects all data from your ERP system and automatically forms completed reports in a Financial Reporting and Sales Analysis package.

The visual dashboards and reports are easily shared with the relevant actors

inside the organization through web and smartphones.


Use the interactive reports to go from a simple overview and drill into details.

The departments can then easily measure the KPI's that matters.


 in this interactive Power BI demo ↴

Power BI finance laptop & mobile 1800x11
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Data is automatically gathered from the ERP system or other relevant data sources. Then incorporated into templates containing classic accounting, dynamic and visual figures.


Control your data that is needed for updating, editing, gathering and decide the presentation format.


It makes your data more flexible and usable and streamlines the process across the organization.

Avoid manual data entry for budgeting and reporting

The continuous changes in the chart of accounts are common for many organizations, often leading to a change in the hierarchies a report or budget is established with.

Toolpack 365 includes an integrated Hierarchy Designer that automatically displays new accounts after a report or budget has been added. The designer allows for individual preference controlling, for example creating your own groupings and totals, while also allowing for the allocation of unique references on the accounts, making your KPI and financial ratio calculation more reliable.

Toolpack 365 not only allows you to monitor and discover changes in the ERP system but also facilitates the understanding and incorporation of the changes.

Design and maintain budget- and reporting structures easily

The creation of budget models for budget responsible personnel is automated based on trends from the ERP system.

The models can be built with varied detailing according to your needs. You refine, target and adjust your budgets depending on the audience and purpose.

Allowing for an easy and flexible budget process, directly integrated into your reporting, while also supplying a solid basis for decision-making and future planning.

Work with budget and forecast models dynamically

Rapid reports that fit your needs.


Toolpack 365 gives you the opportunity to work dynamically with your chart of account and build your own reporting structure. Just like budget and forecast, you are able to update, process and present your data from the ERP system in one request and according to your needs.

At the same time, the reporting packages include deviation explanation through the ability to drill-down to financial items within the reports. Thus, enabling you to complete the process of data preparation for the monthly, quarterly, fiscal year and interim financial statements in a decimal of the time without sacrificing the detailed insight.

Budget follow-up with traceability on financial items

Year Benchmarking ytd.png

Toolpack 365 provide flexible control of cost centers through the setup on dimensions and periods and analyses on departments, divisions, areas, etc.

The tool helps create an overview of the concrete contributions of departments, sectors and leaders. Through the feature of benchmarking, you can report across dimensions, and giving you an insight into the specifics that are important to you and the organization.

Benchmark business-units and analyze KPI’s

The fiscal year and interim financial statements are gathered directly from your ERP system and presented as income statements, balance sheets, notes, and specifications, with traceability and drill-down to the account entry.

Enabling you to complete the process of data preparation for the fiscal year and interim financial statements in a decimal of the time without sacrificing the detailed insight.

Produce easily interim financial statements to the bank and board

With the built-in cash flow function, you can follow the impact of current budgets and current forecasts on your liquidity, in an easy and clear manner.

It provides an overview of the total cash flow effect and calculation of the balance sheet effect, while also expanding your knowledge of the cash flows and investments in your budget.

Enhancing your overview
on your ability to pay and status on cash flow.

Simulate cash flows and investments

Toolpack 365 enables automatic group reporting from several accounts and receiving automatic calculations based on ownership shares and exchange rate.

Multiple legal entities, different chart of accounts, ownership interests, and currency units can be consolidated – optionally you can also add different ERP systems or data from Excel.

Freeing up time for you to consider and analyze the results and enclosed standard-reports instead.

Consolidate data across companies

Get your FP&A presentation on how to 
  automate manual processes.
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