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  • Allan Bjørngaard

ProfilService automates the budgeting process

Toolpack ensures neat and tidy budgets and visuals at ProfilService

Cleaning Company ProfilService A/S has acquired Toolpacks superstructure for Excel that makes it easy and manageable to present the financial data to the management and the board. It provides a good basis for developing long-term financial strategies and procedures.

Steen Meedom from ProfilService tells of a self-developed superstructure for Excel and the transformation to a new solution from Toolpack Solutions.

Toolpack makes the financial figures more manageable

– We have achieved a clear advantage from C5 when we get our reporting from the C5, it is so to speak no more a dead herring that no one can play with, says Steen Meedom and elaborate

– With C5 you just get a print that you cannot really do anything with. But with Toolpack we can select which layers we will present to the management and others, either on screen or in hard copy.

Steen Meedom says that he can choose the dimensions in which he finds interesting and then focus on them.

A service supermarket in cleaning

​ProfilService A/S is engaged in the business cleaning, window cleaning, roadside assistance and Facility Management and has many years of experience in working with both public organizations and private companies. To keep the sky-high quality company is working closely with its customers – from the identification of customer requirements for the establishment of a service plan and a solid structure for the work.

– We are known for creating presence in the things we do, and our task is tailored to each customer. As service supermarket, we have many products on the shelves, and we offer that you can build on as needed, says Steen Meedom.

High demands for correct budgeting and financial statements

Many customers and many intensive tasks naturally demand a correct budgeting and financial statements.

– We use Toolpack for the monthly follow-up when reporting from our ERP system is presented to the management team, says Steen Meedom and says that ProfilService as a cleaning company is very labor-intensive and need to accurately see if the offer is the budgeted payroll worth.

Toolpack automates the process from C5 to Excel

Before Toolpack became part of everyday life in ProfilService, the company had its own Excel spreadsheet developed. When they got the figures from C5 they were entered the spreadsheet manually.

– With Toolpack we get a much more refined solution, and the advantage is also that we do not have two different systems. Anytime something is done manually there is a danger an error occurs. Our solution automates the process and collect figures from C5 and present them in the Excel spreadsheet. With Toolpack we have assurance that the figures are correct and there is less manual work.

Graphical representation of figures provides a better basis for decisions

– FP&A People who are used to working with figures, can easily overcome a large spreadsheet. But the management team need a more simple and visual presentation.

– Toolpack is very user- and presentation friendly. We can select areas out to show graphically with colors. That we use on a large scale when we must present parts of a financial statement and for example show how much we have spent on suppliers in a period. It is easy and fast for operations people to see the trend this way.

New opportunities with Toolpack

Steen Meedom says that ProfilService use a large screen that is super useful when the figures is presented for the board.

– We can swiftly navigate in the FP&A, change parameters and even insert formulas into the forecast. It gives us the basis to show an exact picture of how our world looks, and when we have a new strategy for the future, it's easy to implement a little wishful thinking at the parameters we would like to change, concludes Steen Meedom.

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