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Power up your business with

Financial Planning & Analysis automation


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Easy access to Budget and Business Intelligence

Toolpack365 collects all data from your ERP system and automatically forms completed reports in a Financial Reporting and Sales Analysis package.

The visual dashboards and reports are easily shared with the relevant actors

inside the organization through web and smartphones.


Use the interactive reports to go from a simple overview and drill into details.

The departments can then easily measure the KPI's that matters.

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Toolpack365 FP&A

Budget & Planning
Plan and set KPI’s to your

company and organization

Forecast & Reporting
Forecast and review

your goals and key figures

Financial Reporting
KPI and follow-up to Management, Board or Bank

Business Intelligence
Visualize data through dashboards and analytics

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Get on the fast lane with Toolpack365

Collect your data by automation from Uniconta or Dynamics NAV

and enter new opportunities with Toolpack365 and Power BI!


It is neither difficult nor complex to get started with Toolpack365 or Power BI. Connect your company's data to standard ready-made templates and

get a solution based on our experience from +3000 companies.


 A Financial Planning and Analysis solution that delivers insights

to enable fast, informed decisions from the same data warehouse.

No more technical configuration​

Distribute KPI's, dashboards and reports and share them with the rest of the organization - even without having to manage the configuration.


Display your data in visual dashboards by drag and drop.

Compose the essentials from your reports to a modern data visualization of your choice.


Use Power BI and gain insight to enable fast and data-driven decisions.

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Contact one of our resellers in Iceland
and get a presentation on how to automate manual processes
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Phone: 510 6000

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Phone: 421 2920

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