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Our passion is to help companies and their employees get the most out of Microsoft applications and business data.
At Toolpack, we believe that the way to run a healthy business is through digitalisation and data-driven decisions - Shopping and judgment are driven by people, collaboration, knowledge sharing, automation and better use of data. 
Our team of specialists is ready to help you with:
✔ Budget and financial reporting with Toolpack 365.
✔ Business Intelligence with Power BI, Azure and SQL Server.
✔ Collaboration and knowledge sharing with Microsoft Teams and apps.
✔ Microsoft 365 - IT, platform, mobility and security in an intelligent new way.
✔ Microsoft Subscriptions - We make sure you have the right solution for both functionality and price.

”We have always been driven by creating value for our customers through innovative solutions that increase productivity, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

We're just passionate about helping you understand the opportunities with the Microsoft platform and creating new and more effective ways to work."



CCO - Allan Bjørngaard

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The two founders, Chris Schellerup Andersen and Allan Bjørngaard, have been running Toolpack Solutions since 2002.

​Our focal point has always been our toolpack 365 application for budgeting and reporting - At the same time, we can see that we have helped more than 3000 companies in Denmark, Iceland and Greenland get the maximum benefit from the Microsoft 365 platform, including Excel and Power BI.

We are in great demand to help companies understand and leverage the technology opportunities for efficiency with the entire Microsoft 365 platform. That is why we are constantly transforming our organization and services to meet these needs from customers and partners.

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We have been Microsoft partners since 2002, but the Cloud adventure started back in 2009 at the Microsoft Partner Conference in Los Angeles. Here the message thundered "mobile first", which was the front runner for Cloud. At that time we drove around and installed our software directly on the CFO's computer with USB Stick.


After a long conference day, we sat down at the hotel pool and discussed the possibilities for future solutions, to create a Cloud platform for customer financial reporting, without complicated server access.

It was a short journey home, compared to the journey we had to take to code and customize a system that supported our dream. From 2009 to 2012, thousands of hours and investments were put into the project. 

The vision for Toolpack 365 in Cloud has succeeded, and customers on this platform can be onboard in less than one day.


The focus areas remain Toolpack 365 in both Cloud and customers' own IT environments, because there are still many customers who are planning Cloud transformation. We support customers wherever they are.


Our innovation and business development is based on Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Power BI, which enable us to provide services across systems and borders, enabling us to support companies both nationally and internationally in future-proof solutions.

In the future, we will continue to focus on the needs and opportunities of our existing customers and strengthen our commercial communications. The development in the market means that we look forward to being able to deliver new innovative solutions, integrations with several financial systems and welcome new customers and employees at Toolpack Solutions.

Toolpack Solutions (Negativ)
We are experts in bringing Microsoft technologies and applications together for a modern workspace.
 Or contact us and get suggestions on how:
  • To unleash your potential by using the Microsoft 365 apps Microsoft Teams, Planner, Power BI, SharePoint, OneDrive etc. 
  • To get a better FP&A visualization.
  • Get a datadriven decision making process with Excel and Power BI.
  • To reduce your Microsoft licenses and subscribsion payment.
  • You’ll get a Microsoft Teams modern workspace for collaboration, shared files, meeting and conversation center, video and screen-sharing support, built-in notifications, bots and a bunch of other features.
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